Belarus National Technical University

The list of documents that must be submitted to the admissions office:

  • Application in the prescribed form;
  • Education document (original);
  • Medical certificate in the form prescribed by the Ministry of health of Belarus;
  • Documents confirming the entrant's right to receive benefits on admission to training;
  • 6 photos 3 x 4 cm;
  • 2 envelopes (3 envelopes – when you enter the correspondence department).

In addition to those listed, if necessary, additionally to the admission committee are provided

  • Extract from the employment record certified by the administration (for applicants in the correspondence department);
  • Medical certificate about the absence of contraindications for training for the chosen specialty (for handicapped children and invalids of I, II, III groups);
  • Documents confirming the Belarusian nationality (for Belarusians who are foreign nationals or persons without citizenship, permanently residing on the territory of foreign States).

Passport (birth certificate) is submitted personally at the admissions office, as recorded in the personal file.

The list of documents that must be submitted to the admissions office

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