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Traditionally BNTU affiliate “Minsk State Technological College” carries out the preparation of foreign citizens. So, Minsk technological technical secondary school had prepared the specialists for foreign countries such as Mongolia, Kambodia, Mozambique, Angola, Dominican Republic, Yemen, Nicaragua and Afghanistan since 1980s.

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Needless to say, since 2000s those foreign citizens had been prepared to work in the following countries:  Vietnam, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Latvia, Moldavia, the Ukraine etc.

There are 5 specialties that  are taught to them:

  • “Accounting, analysis and controlling”;
  • “Machines and appliances of light and textile industry and consumer services”;
  • “Photography”;
  • “Hairdressing art and decorative cosmetics (in areas)”;
  • “Design and construction of sewing items (in areas)”.

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Most of foreign students take part in international and republican contests and championships on hairdressing art and decorative cosmetics winning the prizes. Modeling designers are often awarded on the international contests, for example, “MOSCOW. FASHION. LOOK”, “Assambleya mody”, “Zolotaya Nits’ ” etc.

Particularly, in 2016  Hya Le Dyk An’,  the student of BNTU affiliate “Minsk State Technological College” was the winner and got the 2nd place in the contest KERAMIN 2016 with the collection “Street”. More than 250 designers from Russia, the Republic of Belarus, the Ukraine, Italy and Lithuania participated there.

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Our college has got plenty of highly-qualified, gifted and devoted teachers. That is why foreign citizens get a worthy and qualitative education and improve their intellectual level in BNTU affiliate “Minsk State Technological College”.

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